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[ a bumpy, messy, beautiful journey of faith and reason]

The Length of Eternity

Eternity is a long time. Just picture walking back and forth from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean carrying a teaspoon full of dirt or rock every time. By the time you had completely leveled the immense mountain range to the ground… moving one teaspoon at a time to the ocean… an eternity wouldn’t be half over. It wouldn’t be one-hundredth over or even one-millionth over. Eternity would barely have gotten started.

Getting it right is kind of a big deal.

open-minded (adjective): willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced

Being open-minded in our culture is usually synonymous with being liberal, however, what it really means is having the readiness to consider something without prejudice. The “open-minded” spiritual path that I wanted to follow is not the one I ended up on. I wanted to go down one of those new-age or exotic Eastern paths… so hip, cool and convenient. I wanted to be a liberal feminist embracing the subcultures of our society… artsy, fun and maybe even a little edgy.

Spoiler Alert!

But alas... that’s not where the evidence led me. Because I’m a student at heart, the doubting Thomas in me was ever in search of proof. The hopeless academic in me wanted indisputable evidence. History, science, and a few miracles pulled me in a direction I didn’t expect to go. Oh, and because every good story needs a little twist, a Catholic exorcist plays a small part in the drama.

What follows is my bumpy, messy, beautiful, journey that took me from being a new-agey “think and grow rich” business-woman to an “oops-I-stand-corrected” crazy Catholic lady (but not without many detours along the way). Now you're either intrigued or thinking I'm bat-shit crazy. Here I catalog that journey. You can decide for yourself.


Does God Exist?

For many people, the concept of an unseen intelligent creator requires a monumental leap of faith. For others, the concept of the universe creating itself out of nothing and life evolving from non-living matter requires an equally large leap of faith…

Show Me the Evidence!


Are All Religions the Same?

Like many American Gen-Xers, I loosely identified as Christian but never ruled out other religions. “Spiritual but not religious” was how I identified. Reincarnation, karma, and eastern philosophies were intellectually appealing…

Your Truth. My Truth. The Truth?


Was Jesus a Myth?

What about the claims made by movies like Zeitgeist and Religulous that assert there have been many myths of gods (pre-dating Jesus) that claimed a virgin birth, resurrection, 12 apostles and more…

Myth, Liar, Lunatic or Lord?

Miracles & Science: Breadcrumbs from God

Can the scientific process and investigation be applied to the claims of miracles? Are there even such things as real miracles? Not the tele-evangelist kind of miracles. Not just stories of miracles on youtube or in the new age section of the bookstore. Documented miracles. Miracles witnessed by hundreds or thousands of eyewitnesses. Miracles put to the test of scientific scrutiny. Miracles that no one is getting rich off of.

Show Me the Science.

A Never-Ending Stream of Evidence

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All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

Why some of the most educated people in the world are Catholic