5 Major Signs from Scripture of the Second Coming of Christ and End Times.

  1. Gospel of the Kingdom Shall be Preached in all of the nations of the world
  2. Mass conversion of all Israelite people to Christ and Catholicism
  3. Great Apostasy: Many will come in the name of Jesus and lead many astray. They could be bishops, monks, priests, protestants, new agers. Gentiles will leave Catholicism and return to pagan roots.
  4. The Antichrist or the Son of Perdition. will work deceptions that appear to be miracles but are not. will deceive the people. will be a leader in the great apostasy. Anti-Christ last 3.5 years. fully human. not the devil or the devil incarnate (devil doesn’t have that power). this man will be possessed of the devil. male. son of perdition. some speculation that he will be Jewish, but that’s pure speculation. powerful. persuasive.  will be way worse than any previous Nero, Stalin, Hitler. deep hatred for Jesus and the saints and all Christians. Don’t fear:
  5. Tribulation. natural and man-made. mat 24-25. martyrdom. natural famine, earthquakes, war, persecution. Massive unprecedented graces will be given so that the faithful CONFIRMED can withstand it.

Rapture not true… 1890s.

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