What about the claims made by movies like Zeitgeist and Religulous that assert there have been many myths of gods (pre-dating Jesus) that claimed a virgin birth, resurrection, 12 apostles and more. If true that definitely puts a damper on Christian claims. Is there historical evidence to support these claims?

Historian vs. Mythicist: Was Jesus a copy of Pagan Gods.  When I stumbled across this video, it started my journey comparing claims of mythology vs. historical evidence for Christ.

Case For Christ Documentary: Even if Jesus isn’t a copy of Pagan gods, is there any real historical evidence for Christ’s existence, his teachings and the belief of so many of his followers that he was resurrected after his crucifixion? If the resurrection was in doubt then all of his teachings would be in doubt. What is the real evidence not only for Christ, but also for the resurrection? While I don’t agree with absolute every conclusion that Lee comes to, the vast majority of his research gets an A+. It’s really thought-provoking and easy to watch and understand.

A Case for Jesus by Dr. Brant Pitre: Over the past hundred years, secular sources have attacked the historical truth of the Gospels and argued that they were originally anonymous and filled with contradictions. In The Case for Jesus, Brant Pitre taps into the wells of scripture, history, and tradition to ask and answer a number of different questions, including: If we don’t know who wrote the Gospels, how can we trust them? How are the four Gospels different from other gospels, such as the lost gospel of “Q” and the Gospel of Thomas? How can the four Gospels be historically true when there are differences between them? How much faith should be put into these writings? As The Case for Jesus will show, recent discoveries in New Testament scholarship, as well as neglected evidence from ancient manuscripts and the early church fathers, together have the potential to pull the rug out from under a century of skepticism toward the apostolic authorship and historical truth of the traditional Gospels.






Crushing Atheist Gospel Skepticism:  An interview with Dr. Brant Pitre shows how the divine claims of Jesus of Nazareth can only be understood by putting them in their ancient Jewish context.

A Remarkable Relic of the Resurrection: Fr. Rober Spitzer reviews the scientific evidence for the crucifixion and the resurrection as found on the Shroud of Turin.

Deepak Chopra vs Christian Apologist: Discuss the authenticity of historical evidence for Christ vs other religious figureheads.

New Evidence for the Resurrection: Fr. Robert Spitzer and Doug Keck look at whether there is any new scientific proof of Our Lord’s Resurrection.

William Lane Craig on Resurrection: A foremost scholar discusses historical evidence of the resurrection (for which the whole religion hinges). I enjoyed the deeply academic review of the evidence and even the Q&A section after this lecture.

What the Story of Jesus Actual Lifted from the Egyptian Horus Myth? An article addressing the accuracy of this claim with references to a vast literature of serious historical scholarship about Jesus and detailed explanation of the Horus Myth. [Read More…]

What Are the Odds? Some Bible scholars suggest there are more than 300 prophetic Old Testament Scriptures completed in the life of Jesus. Circumstances such as his birthplace, lineage, and method of execution were beyond his control and could not have been accidentally or deliberately fulfilled. Although this list is not exhaustive, if you click this link you’ll find 44 Old Testament Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus Christ, along with supporting references from the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament. Statisticians say that the chances of just 8 of these prophecies being fulfilled in one & the same person is 1 chance in 100,000,000,000,000,000 (100 Quadrillion). [Read More…]

Historical Evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection – N.T. Wright, Robert Spitzer and more: For many scholars, the resurrection is the central proof that Jesus is God. In this article, Father Spitzer probes the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection by looking at several key areas through the lens of historical criteria. [Read More…]

Shroud of Turin In this video presentation on the Shroud of Turin Father Spitzer points out a significant flaw in the 1988 carbon testing that dated the origin of the Shroud to the middle ages. He then discusses new scientific data that strongly suggests that not only is the Shroud a first-century artifact but quite possibly a relic of the resurrection. [Read More…]

The Reality of Jesus: Why is Jesus more significant than other prophets or wise men? If our moral life, prayer life, and Church community are all grounded in the teaching of Jesus Christ, how can I be sure that he is an actual historical figure who said he was God, performed miracles, and rose from the dead?   [Read More…]

Historical Evidence of Jesus’ Miracles: Three historical events convinced the early Church that Jesus was not only the Messiah but also who He said He was—the exclusive Son of the Father. One of these was the working of miracles. Robert Spitzer argues that there is substantial evidence supporting these events.     [Read More…]

A Case for Jesus: Dr. Brant Pitre, scripture scholar and bestselling author, uses biblical and historical evidence to bolster the “case for Jesus” by exposing the problems with the many false theories that have been introduced over the past hundred years resulting in widespread skepticism about the reliability of Christian faith. He tackles head-on questions like: Were the four Gospels really anonymous? Are the Gospels folklore? Or are they biographies? Were the four Gospels written too late to be reliable? What about the so-called “Lost Gospels,” such as “Q” and the Gospel of Thomas? Did Jesus claim to be God?  Is Jesus divine in all four Gospels? Or only in John? Did Jesus fulfill the Jewish prophecies of the Messiah? Why was Jesus crucified? What is the evidence for the Resurrection?
And many more. This is available on formed.org as an audiobook or on Amazon in kindle, print or audible formats.  You can also purchase the audiobook on Google Play.








The Reasonableness of Jesus Christ: Father Robert Spitzer, S.J. discusses that it is quite reasonable to believe that Jesus Christ is who he said he was. This is not a proof for Jesus’s Divinity (which would nullify the importance of faith) but bolsters that faith for the believer and illustrates to non-Christians that the Faith is not contradictory or nonsensical.








Atheist Police Detective This is just fun thought experiment where an atheist police detective uses modern investigation techniques to examine the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus including considering conspiracy theories.


Zeitgeist Debunked: Jesus is Not a Copy of Pagan Gods: Steven Barcarz discusses more evidence that debunks the misinformation regarding Jesus being a knock off of pagan mythology: